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Lesson 9: Battle

Lesson 9: Battle

Become a true warrior through battle.

Sea battle
In the game, players can go to the high sea by talking to the docker at the port after their had bough enough equipment and provision. There are passing by trading ships, patrolling warships, and immanent corsairs. Players can launch a sea battle by clicking the ship on the sea. Furthermore, the NPC ships will launch a battle against players on the ship too.
Sea battle was catalogued into 3 different kinds, including cannon battle, grappling battle, and ramming battle, which is corresponding with the 3 respective special skills. Only if the players know the special skills, can they use them in the battle

Cannon battle
Players can begin firing after they have got the cannons and the cannon balls ready. Different types of cannon have different range, shooting degree and reloading time. Cannon balls are also divided into different types. Different cannon balls will have different effect on the ship, some of them will damage the ship structure, some of them will damage the sail, and some of them will kill the sailors. When the durability of the ship reaches 0, the ship will sink. The durability of the sail decides the speed of the ship. The number of the sailor will decide the battle effectiveness in the ramming battle and the speed. When the healthy sailors reach 0, the ship will sink. Players can change cannon balls by clicking the sign of cannon ball between the reloading strips.

Grappling battle
When the two ships are close to each other, players can launch grappling battle (players have to equip with grappling first). The number of the sailor will decided the rate of grappling. When grapple successfully, it’ll turn into the scene of fighting on broad of a vessel. Both of the two captains and five of their sailors will be involved in the battle. The number of the healthy sailor on the ship and the ability of the captain will decided the ability of the sailors. In this scene, you can attack.3 targets: your enemies, the grappling and the backstay. The durability of the backstay will decide the durability of the ship. You can defeat your enemy by killing all his sailors and break his backstay. When the grappling is broken, the grappling battle is over. Both sides will lose sailors in the pothook battle.

Ramming battle
When the ship is equipped with ram, players can use the special skill of ramming to attack the enemy. The enemy will receive great damage at a time. The damage the enemy receives depends on the speed of your ship. The durability of the ram will decrease after the battle.

Land battle

  1. First, you should learn a weapon skill, such as sword skill, axe skill, and you can equip with the corresponding weapon after you have learned the skill. Only if you are equipped with weapons can you have high attack ability.
  2. Equip yourself with armor, and bring as much portion with you as possible.

How to fight in a land battle

  1. When you encounter wild life or enemy in the open. The mouse will become the sign of the weapon you are holding. If you are bare handed, the sign will be a fist. You can attack the enemy by clicking the target you want to attack.
  2. If you want to attack a player, you have to click the player and press the CTRL button simultaneously
  3. You can use special skills when you are fighting, you can set some shortcut keys to activate them.

Tips on land battle

  1. Every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages in a land battle: the attack of the sword is low, but it has a high rate of hitting the target; the attack of the falchion is average, but it can increase your armor; though the attack of the axe is high, its speed is relatively slow and will reduce your armor; the gun has a wide attacking range, and will do great damage to your enemy, but the rate of hitting the target is extremely low and will reduce your armor.
  2. Learn the skill of medical care. Once you have the special skill of medical care, the HP of your character will be recovered faster in the battle.
  3. Every weapon skill you learn will increase the hand to hand fighting experience of your character. When the hand to hand fighting skill is upgraded 1 level, your character will increase 10 HP.
  4. Each battle skill has a special skill, the higher the battle skill is, the better the result of the battle is.
  5. It will increase the armor of the character if you fight in a team. Furthermore, team members will share 10% experience with each other when an enemy is defeated.