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Lesson 8: Skills

Lesson 8: Skills

Learn more skills, become stronger.

1. Skill introduction
In Voyage Century, skills can be divided into four kinds: Combat series, Trade series, Collection series and Production series. You can go to the Skill Tutor to learn skills and special skills when you satisfy the requirements. It will cost you some silver coins. The level of all skills can be accumulated to 1700 in total.

2. Land Battle Skills:
It includes falchion-playing, sword-playing, axe-playing, shooting and medicine. If you want to be a battle talent, you are suggested learning various skills. Every 4 levels of the skill being upgraded, one skill point will be added. Skill points will enable you to learn the special skills. There are 3 common special skills and 1 final special skill in the battle skill. You can increase your skill experience by fighting against the NPCs.

3. Voyage:
Voyage skill level will influence the available special skill and the available kinds of ships. Voyage in the high sea may increase the voyage experience and then upgrade the level.

4.Collection Skills:
Function of collection includes mining, timber felling, planting and fishing. Before collecting, you need to equip with the relevant kits first. The requisite trees and mine stack can be found at the suburb. And also you can find planting place there—seeds can be bought from the shops or picked at the suburb. When fishing, you need to go to offing to catch fish. When your fishing skill is high, you can equip with advanced kits. And only with advanced kits, you can fish the advanced materials. Collecting will consume your SP. You can do collecting when your SP is insufficient.

5. Production Skills:
It includes foundry, sewing, alchemy and ship-building. You have to equip with relevant kits first and you should learn handbook of an article first so that you can produce the article. Normal handbooks can be purchased in NPC. Advanced handbooks can be got by other ways. The book shows the material you need. When you have found all the materials, click the compound button, and then you can start to produce. It will consume your SP. Tools for collecting and producing is very important. Only when you equipped with advanced tools can you collect and produce advanced items.

6. Trade Skills:
The main skill in Trade is Eloquence. Eloquence level influences the bargain in trade and the level of the article you could buy in booths. In game, there is a Bourse in each city where players could sell and purchase goods. Smart players purchase special local products in a city, portage and sell them to other cities and make rich profit from it. However, the profit is not everlasting. The demand for certain goods in the city will change. The price will reduce when the supply exceeds demand and vice versa. The prevalence period is another element that affects on the price. On the prevalence period of a merchandize, the price will rise substantially and not be influenced by the relationship between supply and demand. The Eloquence grade will affect the variety of goods you can buy and the selling and purchasing price. The profit and Eloquence experience are in direct ratio. Sell or purchase goods in the bourse will increase the player’s Eloquence experience and Structure experience. (But selling the goods which was given by others or picked up on the way will not increase your experience.) The Amity Degree to the city affects the tax rate.