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Lesson 7 :Novice Task

Lesson 7 :Novice Task

Novice task help you to grow from a newbie to a master.

Novice Task

  1. The story happens on a battleship that is about to sink. Right click the mouse to move the character, and talk to a mysterious NPC captain who is marked by an exclamatory mark. Just do as the captain told you and find the Docker.
    Mystic Captain
  2. The Docker is on the right side of the mysterious captain. He will give you a ship of elementary level and tell you the requirement to sail off. After buying the provision, you will accord with the basic requirement to sail off.


  1. Talk to the Captain again to know that you need cannon and cannonball in sea battles. He will give you four cannons of elementary level and ask you to buy cannonballs from the Shipyard Boss.
  2. Shipyard Boss is on the left side of the Captain. After buying the cannonballs, talk to the Captain again to accept a Messenger Task.  

 Shipyard Boss

  1. Talk to the Docker to sail off. It will turn to the scene of the offing and the ship will sail forward automatically. Soon, you will encounter a pirate ship. When you defeat and sink it, you will gain 1000 silver coins as a reward. (You can only cannon on the enemy ship when it is within your range. You can check your cannon-shot range and the location of the enemy ship on the map which is on the top left corner.)
  2. Left click on the glittering “Leave” to enter the high seas. On the high seas, you could go back to your birthplace in the light of appointed course. Left click on the blue anchor to disembark.
  3. Find the NPC who is marked by an exclamatory mark on the dock and give him the letter which the Captain gave you. After that, the Messenger Task finishes, and you will gain 3000 silver coins as a reward.


Novice task NPC

  1. Go on the conversation with the addressee, he will introduce some ways of survival and professions to you briefly and ask you to join one of the guilds: Ares Warrior Alliance who are focused on battles, 7-sea Merchant Guild who are give priority to trade, Adventurer Alliance who is engorged in exploring and Handicraftsmen Alliance who are busy in collecting and producing. You could join any alliance according to your own favor and find the master of each alliance in the city.
  2. After choosing the alliance, you will get 2 pig iron, 2 pieces of timber of level 1 and 500 silver coins from the NPC. Go to the Shipyard Boss’s on the dock to rebuild your ship. Battle ships are with lager cannon amount, powerboats are with rapid speed and merchant ships are with lager load.
  3. After reconstructing your ship, you could enter the city to find the Skill Tutor near the door and learn skills from him with your award. There are 17 kinds of skills in Voyage Century.
Find Alliance NPC to accept the alliance tasks and implement it as the requirement. The accomplishment of alliance task not only brings you reputation and experience but also rich silver coins and items.