Event Period: 0:00 Mar 20th - 23:59 Mar 21st EST(GMT-5)

Event Rule:

1. Each exploration costs 70 VC Points.
2. There are a total of 4 stages in this event, with increasingly better rewards for every stage that you pass! (These stages must be completed IN ORDER.) Complete all 4 stages, and you can start over from First Stage again!
3.Higher grade rewards are better than the lower grade ones.
4.At the highest level of the treasure box lies the best rewards. These rewards consist of belief, apparatus and other prizes - worth up to over 1000 points!
5. Every exploration gets you the rewards hidden within - Be wary of the phantoms and bombs in the boxes. Don’t let your efforts go to waste!! ! (The Event Points you spent for that stage would also be for naught!)
6.Most of the prizes will be automatically sent to Prize-taking where you can claim them. Only a few prizes will require you to contact the GM to get it.
7. If you find any problem, please contact the GM immediately.

8. IGG reserves all rights and final interpretations to this event.

Note: Game progress will be cleared when the event ends.

VC Service Center :

Sneak peek at some of the rewards

More rewards await your discovery!