Parlo Valley

The Cursed Tribe
Madagascar - a promised land, a land of untold treasures. Such was the aspirations of the adventurer's guild, when they sent forth Aria to uncover the secrets of the land. Little did they know that cannibalistic savages thrived on this seemingly peaceful and scenic utopia. Aria knew nothing of fear and hopelessness, till he was rounded up and captured by the enraged cannibals, who saw him as a defiler of the land, as well as dinner.

A request was hence sent out by the guild to rescue Aria from his grisly fate.

Research and observation soon showed that the natives of Madagascar worshipped 4 entities of darkness, Donolo, Siberow, Sinam, and Donam. The statues of these entities were place in a secret place only accessible via a narrow and long valley, of which ended in ground lush with floral growth found nowhere else on the island. The secret of the island lies right in this secret spot - for it is only here a special species of beetles thrive, which is the key to breaking the magic barrier placed around the grounds of worship. However, the challenge doesn't end there. The shamans of the natives have made us of the magic sealed in the place to manipulate the beetles, and when in times of desperate need, can summon the beetles to their protection, and even control their minds to make them into mutated, giant warriors to protect the shamans themselves.
A true warrior is deterred not by challenges; a true warrior embraces them, like an old friend. A true warrior stands through even the toughest and most impossible situations to find greater strength from within him or herself.
 Are YOU a warrior? Let's find out!
How It Goes
The key to defeating the shaman is to eliminate the beetles in order, as so to maintain a debuff on the BOSS at any time.
The beetles will spawn at the end of the 4 main directions (North, South, East, West), and march towards the according energy circles at the end of the 4 diagonal main directions (North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West). If they arrive successfully at the energy circles, the BOSS will receive an according BUFF.

4 different types of beetles will spawn, namely, Crimson Beatlecus, Red Beatlecus, Black Beatlecus, and Shade Beatlecus.

Differing colors of auras will be applied on the BOSS as and when the beetles reach the energy circles, with according colors indicating either a BUFF or a DEBUFF. BUFFs will be applied on all players in the instance as well. Destroy the beetles that will 1) create a BUFF effect on the BOSS, and 2) create a DEBUFF effect on you and your team. These auras, which are added when a wave of beetles reach the energy circles, are combined to gain either a BUFF or a DEBUFF, according to what colors are combined. Follow the tips on screen to make sure you don't get into a tight situation!

Rules and Regulations
•Any number of players can enter this instance. The recommended party size is 4.
•When the energy circles on all ends of the 4 diagonal directions are reduced to 0 HP, the instance fails.
•Once the BOSS is killed, the instance is considered complete.
•The amount of HP remaining on each of the energy circles directly affects the level of the BUFFs the BOSS casts.
•The BOSS will cast a BUFF for himself or for any players in the instance every 150 seconds.
•4 beetles will spawn at the 4 main directions every 20 seconds. Their movement speeds will vary, so watch out!
•The BOSS will pick either himself, a player, or a beetle at random to cast a BUFF/DEBUFF on. Beetles affected by his BUFF/DEBUFF will, for as long as they still exist on the field, strengthen/weaken the BOSS accordingly.

Color Combinations
The below table illustrates the color combinations which yield a BUFF on the BOSS, and which monsters combine to give the effect.

Types Of BUFF
The BOSS will cast 2 kinds of BUFFs, as below.
Normal BUFF: This BUFF will always be present for the entire instance.
Timed BUFF: These BUFFs are cast by the BOSS at differing intervals during the instance.

Instance Location
Madagascar Cave Coordinates: (27, 43)