Better Treasure Digging In The Open Sea!

Go digging in the open sea NOW, you'll stand a chance to dig up some of these amazing trasures below!

Bartholomew Roberts' Precious Deposits

Compressing Provision White Dragon Sacred Sword Drawing Black Dragon Sacred Sword Drawing
White Dragon Battle-axe Drawing White Dragon Sacred Falchion Drawing Black Dragon Sacred Falchion Drawing
Black Dragon Battle-axe Drawing White Dragon Fire Gun Drawing Black Dragon Fire Gun Drawing
White Dragon Armor Drawing Black Dragon Armor Drawing HP-enhanced medicament of level 1
HP-enhanced medicament of level 2 HP-enhanced medicament of level 3 HP-enhanced medicament of level 4
HP-enhanced medicament of level 5 SP-enhanced medicament of level 1 SP-enhanced medicament of level 2
SP-enhanced medicament of level 3 SP-enhanced medicament of level 4 SP-enhanced medicament of level 5
Secondary Healing Potion Senior Healing Potion Secondary Recovery Potion
Secondary Incitantia Potion High-Level Incitantia Rare Gold


John Hawkins' Precious Deposits

Compressing Provision Sailor summoning flag Shrapnel ammunition box
High-explosive projectile ammunition box Superfine Armor Punching Ball Box Superfine Buckshot Canister Ball Box
Superfine Chain Canister Ball Box High-level Sailor First-aid Kit High-level Ship Emergent Repair Tool
Thunder Buckshot Cannon Lightning Buckshot Cannon Victory Buckshot Cannon
Hurricane Buckshot Cannon Low-level Cure Kit Secondary Cure Kit
High-level Cure Kit Cure Kit of Divine Doctor Low-level First-aid Kit
Secondary First-aid Kit High-level First-aid Kit First-aid Kit of Divine Doctor
Low-level Repair Kit Secondary Repair Kit High-level Repair Kit
Repair Kit of Divine Repairman Low-level Urgent Repair Kit Secondary Urgent Repair Kit
High-level Urgent Repair Kit Urgent Repair Kit of Divine Repairman Shark Change Charm (7 days)
Dolphin Change Charm (7 days) Shark Change Charm (permanence) Dolphin Change Charm (permanence)
Rare Gold    


William Dampiers' Precious Deposits

Blood Stone Flame Stone Amethyst Stone
Holy Spirit Stone Blaze Stone Windstorm Stone
Huge Power Stone Blazing flame Crystal Huge rock Crystal
Witch's eyes Crystal Shadow-escaping Crystal Energy-collecting Crystal
Spirit Concentration Crystal Power Crystal Blood Crystal
Flame Crystal Amethyst Crystal Rage Crystal
Sea witch ore Sea spirit ore Holy judgment ore
Bloodthirsty Magic Stone Fire Magic Stone Purple Magic Stone
Crude agate Crude red diamond Crude blue diamond
Crude diamond Crude black diamond Common black diamond
Common agate Common red diamond Common blue diamond
Common diamond Smooth agate Smooth red diamond
Smooth blue diamond Smooth diamond Smooth black diamond
Flawless agate Flawless red diamond Flawless blue diamond
Flawless diamond Flawless black diamond Rare Gold


Francis Drake's Precious Deposits

Cannon Operator's Necklace Cannon Operator's Ring Cannon Operator's Badge
Cannon Fight Team Leader's Necklace Cannon Fight Team Leader's Ring Cannon Fight Team Leader's Badge
Cannon Fight Expert's Necklace Cannon Fight Expert's Ring Cannon Fight Expert's Badge
Cannon Fight Master's Necklace Cannon Fight Master's Ring Cannon Fight Master's Badge
Crystal Ring (Superior) Dark Gold Ring (Superior) Glazed Ring (Superior)
Silk Ring (Superior) Crystal Necklace (Superior) Dark Gold Necklace (Superior)
Glazed Necklace (Superior) Silk Necklace (Superior) Crystal Badge (Superior)
Dark Gold Badge (Superior) Glazed Amulet (Superior) Silk Amulet (Superior)
Thalassocrat Oceanic Fairy Rare Gold


Babarosa II's Precious Deposits

One of 81-115 profession weapon (Superior) One of Dragon series weapon Pardon
High-explosive projectile ammunition box Rare Gold  


William Kidd's Precious Deposits

One of Dragon series equiment One of 95-115 profession suit (Superior) Guardian spell (1 hour)
Shrapnel ammunition box Rare Gold  


Edward Teach's Precious Deposits

Male Future Fighter Charm (permanent) Female Future Fighter Charm (permanent) Year of the Oxe quipment (Male) (permanent)
Year of the Oxe quipment (Female) (permanent) Male Barbarian Hunter Charm (permanent) Female Barbarian Hunter Charm (permanent)
Male Admiral of the Navy Charm (permanent) Female Admiral of the Navy Charm (permanent) Great Male Adventurer Charm (permanent)
Great Female Adventurer Charm (permanent) Great Male Pirate Charm (permanent) Great Female Pirate Charm (permanent)
Craftsman Charm (permanent) Craftswoman Charm (permanent) Speed Vampire Charm (permanent)
Imperial Gold    


Emanuel Wynne's Precious Deposits

Rwan's amulet Lens's eye Inhumanity ring
Neptune Necklace Neptune Badge Neptune Ring
Badge of Purified Black Skeleton Necklace of Purified Black Skeleton Ring of Purified Black Skeleton
Medal of Sea Wolf Ring of Sea Wolf Sea wolf Badge
Empire Ares Badge Medal of Empire Ares Ring of Empire Ares
Maya Stone Cursed Legacy of Pirate Parthenon Marble Stone
Imperial Gold Mulan Chain Robe Timur Chain Mail