Equipment Retrofitting System

A few pointers to take note of when performing Retrofitting are as listed below.
1. Only weapons can undergo Retrofitting for now.
2. Only bound items can be retrofitted. Bind on equip or unbound items cannot be retrofitted.
3. Stats gained from retrofitting will be transferred accordingly to the new weapon or equipment when performing stats transfer and/or upgrading and compounding.
4. Every piece of equipment can only undergo a maximum of 20 retrofits a day.
What Is Retrofitting?
1. Retrofitted weapons and equipment will have their basic attributes (Attack, Accuracy, and HP) changed accordingly, based on the original value stated on the equipment.
2. A special attribute will be added when performing Retrofitting, with each weapon and equipment being able to possess only one such attribute.

Type Stat Change (Range) Skill Received Requires
Level 1 Retrofitting -5%-5% N/A [1]Level 8 Timber*20, Gold*20
[2]Bronze Ingot*3
[3]Silver Coin*400,000
Level 2 Retrofitting -5%-6% Any Level 2 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
Chance to acquire a Level 3 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
[1]Level 8 Timber*50, Gold*50, Level 10 Timber*20, Black Gold*20, Argentwood*4, Firebug Stone*4
[2]Sapphire*1, Olivine*1, obsidian*1
[3]Bronze Ingot*5
[4]Rare Gold*10
[5]Silver Coin* 8,000,000
Level 3 Retrofitting -5%-8% Any Level 3 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
Chance to acquire a Level 4 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
[1]Level 10 Timber*30, Black Gold*30, Argentwood*10, Firebug Stone*10, Liquidambar formosana*3, Amethyst*3
[2]Sapphire*3, Olivine*3, obsidian*3
[3]Japanese Iron Ingot*1, Bronze Ingot*10
[4]Imperial Gold*5, Magnetic Ore*2
[5]Silver Coin*30,000,000
Level 4 Retrofitting -5%-10% Any Level 4 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
Chance to acquire an additional Level 4 skill obtainable from Retrofitting
[1]Argentwood*20, Firebug Stone*20, Liquidambar formosana*5, Amethyst*5
[2]Sapphire*5, Olivine*5, obsidian*5
[3]Japanese Iron Ingot*2, Bronze Ingot*15
[4]Seal of Poseidon*10, Magnetic Ore*5
[5]Silver Coin*100,000,000


Level 2 skill Forging Life Drain, Spirit Drain, Sharpness, Firmness, Flurry Fury, Evasion
Level 3 skill Forging Hypnotic Steps, Bloodlust, Barkskin, Sprint, Silence, Slaughter
Level 4 skill Forging Silence, Slaughter, Bash, Martyrdom, Crimson Blow, Slayer, Divinity

How To Go About It
1. Place the weapon in the according slot on the top left of the Retrofitting interface.
2. Click to select the according level of Retrofitting you are performing, and ensure that you have sufficient materials for the process.
3. Once done, click on Launch to start the Retrofitting process! Players will not be able to make changes to their selections after pressing Launch, so please be sure to confirm your choices before clicking on Launch!
4. The required materials for Retrofitting will be consumed once you click on Launch, with according skill(s) added and stats changed to your new weapon!