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Poseidon's Blessing Pack

Welcome to Voyage Century, follow are steps for Using the Key:
1. Register an IGG account and login in http://www.igg.com/member/vc_reg.php
2. Download and install the client.
3. Create a character after enter the Server.
4. Back to this page: http://vc.igg.com/event/poseidon_pack/index.php
5. Enter the Serial Number- the CD-key
6. Redeem your items from the NPC, Warehouse Manager.

Please enter your CD-Key to gain your Poseidon's Blessing Pack for your account:

Validate Code:

Poseidon's Blessing Pack contains the following yummy items!
1) Triple Experience Scroll*3: 3*spell experience for 1 hour after using it.
2) Fourfold Experience Scroll*3: 4*spell experience for 1 hour after using it.
3) 1 Future Figter Charm (7 Days): Attack+25, Defense+50, Accuracy+20, Dodge+10, Attack Speed+5, movement speed+1.5
4) 1 Flaming Urus (Pet)
5) 1 Christmas Dress Charm


1. Players can redeem their CD Keys from these our partner game websites below:
2. One account and one IP only can use one key.
3. This package is for new members only.