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1.    Sign In Daily
    Players Lv 10 and above can head to Athens Port to look for "Voyage Inspector" for their event quest. Complete the quest immediately to receive a "Timecard". Simply stay online for 5 minutes to open your "Timecard" to receive your reward of 15 Original Magnetic Ores, Imperial Golds, or other rewards!
2.    All NEW Business System!
    Now, you can get “Trading Points Card”s from the Business System! Head to Barcelona, and hand them in to our Trading Points Exchanger to exchange for Original Magnetic Ore and other items!
    Of course these aren’t the only ways you can obtain Original Magnetic Ores and other materials! Various other fun and exciting methods await your discovery!

3.   Voyage World Expedition Event

4.   The Slaves Event
       3 new NPCs have been added to Dakar Dock, Seville Port and Tortue Port; namely, the “Slave Trader”, “Spain Officer” and “Slavemaster”. 

     When the event starts, pirate nationalitys can head to Dakar Dock to accept the event quest, “Slave Trading”; they will be given 10 “Slave” (50 weight each). non-pirate nationalitys will need to head to so Seville instead to accept the event quest, “Rescue The Slaves” (pirate nationalitys cannot accept this quest). You cannot change your nationality during the event. 

     Pirates will need to transport the Slaves to Tortue Port;, and look for the "Slavemaster"; non-pirate nationalitys will need to head out to the Open Sea to look for Slave Boats. 

     Upon accepting the respective quests, all players will gain a buff effect which negates PK penalty. Successfully destroying Slave Boats will yield the Slaves within (100% drop rate). non-pirate nationalitys can hand in these Slaves at Seville port to complete their quests.

     Slaves last for 100 minutes, with their timers running even if you’re offline.

     Pirate nationalitys will have their fleets turned into “Slave Boat”s, hiding their character names and Nobles in the process. non-pirate nationalitys will also turn into "Slave Boat"s once they acquire Slaves. Every man for himself – there’s no telling who will emerge victorious! 

     There is no limit as to how many times you can accept this quest; but you can only complete it ONCE per day. 

     Players who transport the Slaves successfully to Tortue Port will receive 60 Original Magnetic Ores. 

     Players who successfully rescue the slaves will also receive 60 Original Magnetic Ores.