The New Buyback System!

        Voyage Century Online takes it one step further in your gaming experience, with the Buyback option! No need to bang your head against the table anymore for accidentally selling away what you actually need – you can now buy them back at the same price you sold them for! 

        1) With a new Buyback option in NPC merchant shop interfaces, you can now buy their goods, sell stuff to them, AND buy back what you accidentally sold!


         2) Items sold to the NPC will appear in the order they were sold in the Buyback interface, with each item taking up 1 slot. The price of these items will the same as that you sold them to the NPC for. 
        3) Once you buy back a sold item in the Buback tab, the bought item will disappear from that list.
        4) There are only 18 slots in the Buyback tab; when you sell the 19th item, the 1st entry will be replaced. 
        5) Any item(s) that remains in the Buyback tab for more than 5 minutes will be deleted automatically.
        6) If you visit another area, or go offline, the Buyback list will be emptied.
        7) Only players above Lv 55 may make use of the Buyback option.
        8) You may only use the Buyback option TWICE per 24 hours.