Brand New Business System

        Business now means even MORE fun for EVERYONE, with "Trading Points Card" rewarded allowing you to get a whole bunch of great rewards with! The number of Cards awarded depends on distance, amounts, point rate, weight and caravan.

        1. Once you make a sale of "popular goods", the timer starts. 
        2. During each popular time, only the FIRST popular goods of each type sold will get you point rate, which then awards you with "Trading Points Card"s. Continued sales will not yield more "Trading Points Card"s. 
        3. Goods which are traded, exchanged, or picked up (even popular goods) will not add to your point rate. (This refers to goods with 0 Cost.) 
        4. The following conditions need to be met when selling popular goods - 1) Must be a party member. 2) Within effective radius. 3) Level difference within 100. 
        5. "Trading Points Card"s are bound on pick up, cannot be traded nor dropped.

Note: Bring your "Trading Points Card"s to the Trading Points Exchanger in Barcelona City at (152.0, 94.0) to exchange for rewards!