The Knight's Vigil

Upon reaching Level 120, youll receive the quest, “The Knight’s Vigil” automatically. There are Land Battles and Sea Battles involved. This quest is not repeatable.


Land Battle

a)        Look for the NPC, “Kratos”, who is in Athens downtown. Youll receive 5,000,000 Silver Coins upon completion.


b)        Kratos’ Initial Test: Go to the outskirts of Semarang and collect prayer beads.

Task Reward: Polar Region(Superior)*2


c)        Kratos’ Second Test: Head to Mallorca instance, kill a Giant Lizard, then report to Kratos

Task Reward: Dominate(Superior)*2 and Grey Dragon(Superior)*1


d)       Kratos’ Third Test: Head to Crete instance and kill the Crete Giant Tarantula and the Black Widow. Collect Venonmous Net and Poisonous Net.

Task Reward: Knight Helmet and Knight Armor


e)        Kratos’ Final Test: Kratos give you a Sacrifice and tell you to head to the Thassos Island. Use the Sacrifice, and defeat the opponent that appears.

Task Reward: Knight Blade


After finishing Kratos’ Final Test, find Claucus in the city of Barcelona, and seek his mentorship.

Sea Battle

f)         Claucus’ First Test: Go to the Baltic Sea Battlefield and destroy 5 North Sea Devil Armed Ship and 5 North Sea Hades Armed Ship.

Task Reward: Snowy Mountain (Superior)*2


g)        Claucus’ Second Test: Head to Cretan Pirates Instance and destroy Iron Hand Edward’s Devil Pirate Flagship.

Task Reward: Hidden Dragon(Superior)*2 and Ice Cap(Superior)*1


h)        Claucus’ Third Test: Head to Gibraltar Instance and destroy the Lord, Barribar’s Genesis.

Task Reward: White Dragon Helmet and White Dragon Armor


i)            Claucus’ Final Test: Head to the North Seas Instance and destroy the Zeus, Flagship of Karr Emmanuel.

Task Reward: Level 11 Raiding Ship Gift Package*1