The Battle Of Portobello


The king of Spain, Charles I, consolidated his power with being the King of Rome as well through hereditary ruling. France was hence put at a great disadvantage, being surrounded on all sides – war was imminent, fueled constantly by continuous conflict of various natures.

Port Portobello

Ferrero: Ahoy there! Would you happen to know about the pirates’ attack on Pigafetta?

Dockhands: Aye sire! Since the misfortune of Pigafetta, 4 other ships have come under the attack of them pirates… word has it, sire, that they were all carryin’ the flag of Spaniards! A ship like yours, wavin’ the Netherland flag – it’s safe!

Ferrero: Then it seems like a targeted attack aimed at the Spaniards!

Ferrero: Good morning, sir.

Sorostan: Good morning to you too. Can I help you with anything?

Ferrero: Does Port Portobello belong to the Spaniards?

Sorostan: Oh no! It’s been taken by the accursed Indians.

Ferrero: Indians? Weren’t they driven out by the Spaniards?

Sorostan: ‘Fraid I can’t help you on that, sir. Even the governor isn’t well-informed.

Ferrero: Then it looks like Portobello’s the key to all the recent troubles.

Sorostan: So it seems, sir. The Indians on this land have been nothing short of being absolute fanatics and zealots of their cult! The governor, Sir Christopher Columbus, is on a crusade to remove these fanatics from these lands. Utopia has come for us, by the will of God – it is up to us to defend it!

How To Go About The Port Portobello Instance

1.      Head to Port Portobello (Atlantic area 1533.1,213.2), and look for Quintana at the harbor to receive your daily quest.

2.      You can then enter Portobello City, which is the first part of the instance itself. Inside which you’ll find 4 bosses, namely “Alf Barton”, “Aus Rico”, “Lieutenant Selina” and “Rennes siblings”.

3.      The second part of the instance, which involves sea battles, requires Secret Key of the Bay in order to enter.

What are you waiting for? Gather your friends, and let’s get started NOW!


The entire Portobelo Instance consists of 2 parts, namely the Portobelo Instance (Land Battle), and the Portobelo Bay Instance (Sea Ballte). The Portobelo Bay Instance is still unavailable for now, so stay tuned!