Energy Bar

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Exchange Rules

Chest mount Required Prize for Exchange
20 bars & 1000 pennies The Hydra's Huge Undead Head
Micanzo's Thorn
Horn of Raymist
Quick Repair Device
Expedition Military Will - Persistence
Expedition Military Will - Blood thirst
Gold Faith Update Card*20
20 bars & 600 pennies Cursed Huge Immortal Head
Sword of Thousand Roars
Permanent Gem Process Machine(Level 1)
Smelting Stone*25
Permanet Cannon Gem Enhance Tool
Modification Stone*500
8 bars & 400 pennies Giant Horn (Permanent)
Sylvan Brambles (Permanent)
Sea Ranger
Smelting Stone*12
Hydra Head-Scorching Fire
Zilant Totem
Hydra Head-Whirlpool
Hydra Head-Huge Rock
Hollowness (Overlord's)
General Manual*2000
5 bars & 200 pennies Desert Eagle
Real Cross
Modification Stone*120
Exquisite Octant (Permanent)
Alchemic Stargazer (Permanent)
General Manual*1000
Zilant Totem(Permanent)
1 bars & 100 pennies Blood Rose Fragment*150
Huge Rock Essence(Perfect)*28
Energy-collecting Essence(Perfect)*14
Labrinton Honor Certificate*200
Blazing Flame Essence(Perfect)*15
Sea Witch's Jade (Superior)*6
1 bars Blood Rose Fragment*20
General Manual*40
Proof of Honor*55
Modification Stone*9
100 pennies Proof of Honor*250
Sea Spirit's Soul*8
Sea Witch's Soul*7
Witch's Eye Essence(Perfect)*15
General Manual*360
60 pennies Tough Iron Steel Plate (Perfect)*25
General Manual*280
Modification Stone*40
20 pennies Event Key*33
Special Offer Voucher*300
General Manual*90
Modification Stone*12
Eye of Storm*4
Blood Rose Fragment*20
Huge Rock Essence(Perfect)*3
10 pennies Event Key*16
Special Offer Voucher*100
General Manual*40
Modification Stone*4
Eye of Storm*2
Blood Rose Fragment*10
Tough Iron Steel Plate (Perfect)*4

Event Period:

EVENT TIME: June 16th 0:01  - 23:59 June 18th EST (GMT-5).

1. Spend 80 VC Points to open a Chest. You could win Gold Pennies and Energy from small chest!
2. Spend 100 points Energy to open a Great Chest. You could win Gold Bars. (Gold Bars will only appear in Great Chests!)
3. Players can exchange these Gold Pennies and Gold Bars for prizes by clicking on “Exchange for Prizes”.
4. Most of Prizes will be sent to the player’s Prize-taking,a few of them need u contact us to get it.
5. All Gold Pennies, Gold Bars and Energy will be forfeited once the event ends, so be sure to use them!
6.IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.

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