More Adjustment

More Adjustments

Essence Stone :protect the equipment's attribute.(Learn More

Faith Compounding System: add new attribute and effect to your belief.(Learn More)

Guardian spell now has a limited number of protection times. When these protection times have been used up, the accompanying buffs would disappear.

You can now upgrade to the latest Level 14 Ship through the Shipyard Boss at Portobello Port.



There is now a new Boss, Rock Man, on the outskirts of Jamestown. This Boss respawns once daily and drops items such as Moonstone Fragment, Seal of Heaven and refining materials (Perfect, Superior and Ordinary).BOSS will respawn once every 8 hours.

You can now use Faith Fusion to upgrade your Faith. This allows you to add a special attribute from another Faith to your existing Faith. You can speak to the Faith Fusion Master in Tripoli Port to do this.

New refining items are now available: Sea Witch's Soul, Sea and Sea Spirit's Soul. These can increase Cannon Hit Rate and Ship Dodge Rate up to 20.

Tough Iron Steel (Perfect), Tough Iron Steel Plate (Perfect), Tough Handle (Perfect) and Tough Iron Steel Line (Perfect) can now be used for refinement up to new cap

New Refining Attribute Cap for Weapon ,Helm and Armor
Attack 505
Defense 755
Accuracy 405
Dodge 305

New Ship Attributes: Sailor Damage and Cannon Defense Rating


Pearl of Fallen and other Superior refining items can now be obtained from Imperial Boxes.

Great blessed pellet,Blessed pill,Small Blessed pellet and Blessed pellet can no longer stop your from dropping your goods.




*The above content is intended solely to help players in understanding the game and is not indicative of actual in-game content.