New Feature--Hidden Attributes of The Suits

Level 130: Sea spirit's suit  
Profession level:130  
Sea spirit's Helmet  
Sea spirit's Scute  
Sea spirit's Weapon  
Sea spirit's ring  
Sea spirit's Amulet  
Sea spirit's Necklace   
Increases defense by 45. (3 equipments required)   
Increases reaction by 10,Physique by 10, Willpower by 10,skill by 10. (5 equipments required)   
Movement speed Increases by 20%(8 equipments required)

Level 140: Ice Frost Suit   
Profession level:140   
Ice Frost Weapon  
Ice Frost Helmet   
Ice Frost Loricae  
Ice Frost Ring  
Ice Frost Necklace  
Ice Frost Amulet   
Increases accuracy by 18. (3 equipments required)   
Increases max HP by 1000. (5 equipments required)   
Increases Critical Strike by 4,Parry Rating by 18. (8 equipments required)

Level 145 Explorer's Suit   
Profession level:145  
Explorer's Weapon   
Explorer's Helmet   
Explorer's Loricae   
Explorer's Necklace   
Explorer's Badge   
Explorer's Amulet  
Increases Damage Bonus by 10 (3 equipments required)   
You have a probability of 5% to increases a 50 point attack by hitting the enemy. Lasts for 10 seconds (5 equipments required)   
Increases max HP by 5000. (8 equipments required)

Level 148 King Suit  
Profession level:148  
King Weapon   
King Helmet   
King Loricae   
Yalt's Ring   
Yalt's Badge   
Yalt's Star  
Increases Damage Bonus by 8, damage reduction by 8. (3 equipments required)   
You have a probability of 5% to restore max HP 2500 by hitting the enemy. (5 equipments required)   
Reduces the Cooldown time of the Soul of Sabre, the Sword Dance, the Rage of God and the Kiss of Holy Gun by 30 seconds. (8 equipments required)

Level 150 God Suit
Expect your attention here!

Seven Seas Suit  
Requirement: Seabattle 120  
Seven Seas cap  
Seven Seas Cloth  
Seven Seas Ring  
Seven Seas Star  
Seven Seas Badge   
Sea Fight Machine   
Increase cannon dodge by 10 (3 equipments required)   
Increase ram reduction by 50 (8 equipments required)